Oil Pipelines Leakage Detection


Oil and gas pipelines are extensively used for petroleum, gas, oil and LNG transportation from one place to another and within countries. Oil and gas industries are becoming lifeline of development of a nation. Pipelines serve fast and safe transport of petrochemicals and hazardous-to-environment liquids and gases.

Uninterrupted transportation of oil and petrochemicals has becoming challenge for companies. Risk is always involved if corrosion or wear of pipelines occur leading to leakage of hazardous substances to surroundings and customers’ facility. People consider damage to environment as any severe leakage while transporting gases will harm surrounding and can tend to company’s listing out from future business. Leak detection is complex process and it incurs very high running and maintenance cost of instruments for safer operation.

Our state of art solution to Oil & Gas Industries

Our indigenously developed DTS (distributed temperature sensor) system can provide solution to this problem by laying many kilometers of distributed sensor cables along profile of pipelines.

Distributed sensing system provides the measurement of thermal and acoustic leak signatures. Thus DTS can help in avoiding risk by real time monitoring of pipelines and guarantying safe business for more opportunities for oil and gas companies. In this regard DTS system can be key player in distributed sensing and most cost-effective in oil and gas pipe leak detection and monitoring.

Customer benefits

  • Fiber cables are resistive to corrosion and wear.
  • It can be installed on pipelines along many kilometers of distances.
  • DTS is intrinsically safe for chemical operation.
  • It reduces high running and maintenance cost of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Continuous measurements of 1 meter resolution can be achieved.