Conveyor Belt Monitoring


Nowadays continuous exploration of coal to meet the demand of production and growth of manufacturing industries. In current scenario, conveyor belts are vastly used for material handling in bulk amount and transportation of coal inside and outside facility.

For mass handling of coal, conveyor belts are used. The most critical challenge is instant fire generated by any friction or heat transferred from moving parts to inflammable-coal carrying conveyor belts. These can cause loss of mining infrastructure and generate toxic fumes that affect human life.

The issue for mining companies is to detect any incident earlier to prevent any loss to asset or humans and take preventive action. It is a matter of higher interest to monitor heat generated around the surface of a conveyor belt by installing many sensors.

Our state of art solution to Coal and Mining Industries

Our indigenously developed DTS (distributed temperature sensor) system provides a solution for identifying heat build-up areas around conveyor belts transporting long-distance. DTS system utilizes fiber optic cables as passive sensors that don’t require any power for operation. A light inside the multimode fiber is backscattered to provide the detail of temperature readings around the profile of a conveyor belt. Thus heat can be detected earlier by continuous temperature monitoring of the conveyor belts.  

Customer benefits

  • Fiber cables can prevent any event while minimizing running costs.
  • DTS is intrinsically safe for chemical operation.
  • DTS fire detection system requires almost no maintenance.
  • One can sit remotely and can monitor temperature inside tunnels 24 hours a day.
  • Precise and accurate measurements.
  • One can quickly detect the location of fire event and can prevent any big incidents.