Nuclear Reactor Wall Surface Health Monitoring


A nuclear reactor power plant is widely used to generate electricity around many countries in the world. Much percentage of electricity is produced by nuclear power plants.

Reactor surface wall temperature and deterioration is a problem to nuclear industries. Wherever temperature hotspots are generated on surfaces, preventive maintenance of reactor is desired. Moreover, cracks are build on wall which can led to exposure of radioactive particles. Any breakdown can bring heavy loss to plant and even catastrophic disaster. With conventional Condition based monitoring enables maintenance persons evaluate and analyse earlier faults, before any failure can lead to major breakdown of power plant.

Our state of art solution to Nuclear Industry

With our fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensing solution, condition based maintenance of entire wall profile is achievable in such harsh conditions. Moreover, a single acquisition system is required for a combination of temperature and strain sensors on single strand of fiber cable which solves complexity of cabling different acquisition system for different thermocouples and strain gauges. It will enable hotspot monitoring on wall profile and earlier crack detection of walls.


The BRAGGVIS temperature monitoring software detects hot-spots on wall of Nuclear reactor, prepares reports against every potential hot-spots, keeps a record for temperature/strain analysis, and displays them in the control room.

The BRAGGVIS software can be used to configure the braggSENZ, monitor it, and display data graphs. BRAGGVIS performs monitoring, operation and control from anywhere via an Ethernet network.

Customer Benefits

  • Fiber optics sensor with FBG has several advantages over traditional sensors.
  • It is chemically inert, highly precise and suitable for harsh environment.
  • Moreover, one can monitor reactor wall surface 24/7 hours with no electricity requirement.