Wind Turbine Blade Condition Monitoring


Nations worldwide are using Wind Energy as a cleaner source of energy. Windmill Turbine blade serves as a key component of electricity generation in windmill. Stress and strain are the parameters that determine the reliability and serviceability of any wind energy turbine blade. Wind turbine blades can become damaged by moisture absorption, fatigue, wind gusts or lightening strikes. Moreover, aerodynamic loads cause fatigue and damage to the blades. Eliminating these loads and additional stresses on blades is crucial for safer operation with wind turbine blades. If wind turbine blade gets failure, replacing it will be an expensive and time consuming operation. Condition monitoring and maintenance offers the chance to overcome such failures. Strain detection is one of the most effective methods to monitor blade condition.

Our state of art solution for Wind Energy Industries

Fsenz’s indigenously developed FBG (Fiber Bragg grating sensor) system monitors stress or load on Blade with dozens of sensors inscribed in a single strand of fiber providing these measurements. Fsenz’s fiber optic solutions provide a detailed picture of the health of a turbine blade. Fiber Bragg grating sensors are not sensitive to EMC and lightning. They are also considered to be accurate, reliable and stable.

BRAGGVIS software

The BRAGGVIS monitoring software can be used to control the BraggSenz system and display temperature and/or strain data on a remote PC. The BRAGGVIS software can be used to configure the BraggSenz, monitor it, and display data graphs in the control room. BRAGGVIS performs monitoring, operation and control from anywhere via an Ethernet network.

Customer Benefits

  • Fiber optic sensors have advantages over traditional sensors as they are passive in nature and there is no need of electricity to operate the sensors.
  • Multiplexing capability of FBG.
  • Different FBG temperature, stress sensors available on a single fiber eliminating need for cabling conventional sensors individually.
  • FBG sensors are fast, reliable and durable.
  • Accurate and stable measurements.