Wind Turbine Blade Condition Monitoring

Overview Nations worldwide are using Wind Energy as a cleaner source of energy. Windmill Turbine blade serves as a key component of electricity generation in windmill. Stress and strain are the parameters that determine the reliability and serviceability of any wind energy turbine blade. Wind turbine blades can become damaged by moisture absorption, fatigue, wind […]

Transformer Winding Hotspot Monitoring

Overview fSENZ’s offered fiber optic temperature sensing (FOTS) is ideal for monitoring the temperature of oil-filled transformers and cast resin transformers. Temperature sensors from fSENZ are completely immune to EMI/RFI and high-voltage environments, making them suitable for monitoring transformer winding hot spots. For power and distribution equipment, fSENZ has developed accurate, real-time smart grid temperature monitoring […]

Fiber optics sensors application in Medical Industries

Overview High-accuracy fiber optic temperature sensing is required for variety of life sciences and patient monitoring applications. fSENZ provides single and multi-channel fiber temperature probes for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), and RF (radio frequency) environments, as well as low-cost disposable temperature probes with quick response and remarkable accuracy. Our state […]

Conveyor Belt Monitoring

Overview Nowadays continuous exploration of coal to meet the demand of production and growth of manufacturing industries. In current scenario, conveyor belts are vastly used for material handling in bulk amount and transportation of coal inside and outside facility. For mass handling of coal, conveyor belts are used. The most critical challenge is instant fire […]

Aircraft Condition Monitoring

Overview Aircraft and flight industries have been extensively used worldwide to quickly transport passengers and goods. Aircraft flight condition is dependent on the type of forces applying on wings. Hence an Aircraft wing is considered crucial component at the time of flight. Stress and strain are the parameters that determine the longevity and operational safety […]

Switchgear Hotspot Temperature Monitoring

Overview The cost-effective fiber optic temperature sensors from fSENZ monitors switchgear temperature in real time at critical contact points to quickly detect overload and fault conditions. The complete solution from fSENZ includes both analogue output and RS-485 Modbus communication for easy integration with existing PLCs and host monitoring software. Fiber optic temperature sensors from fSENZ […]

Nuclear Reactor Wall Surface Health Monitoring

Overview A nuclear reactor power plant is widely used to generate electricity around many countries in the world. Much percentage of electricity is produced by nuclear power plants. Reactor surface wall temperature and deterioration is a problem to nuclear industries. Wherever temperature hotspots are generated on surfaces, preventive maintenance of reactor is desired. Moreover, cracks […]

Oil Pipelines Leakage Detection

Overview Oil and gas pipelines are extensively used for petroleum, gas, oil and LNG transportation from one place to another and within countries. Oil and gas industries are becoming lifeline of development of a nation. Pipelines serve fast and safe transport of petrochemicals and hazardous-to-environment liquids and gases. Uninterrupted transportation of oil and petrochemicals has becoming challenge for companies. Risk is always involved if corrosion or wear of pipelines occur leading to leakage of hazardous substances to surroundings and customers’ facility. People consider damage to environment as any severe leakage while transporting gases will harm surrounding and can […]

Distributed Temperature Sensing Inside Tunnels

Overview Tunnels in railway and road transportation (above and underground) have been continuously used to save time, move goods and vehicles to hard-to-reach areas. The development of inaccessible areas depends on smooth transportation inside tunnels. Fire event inside tunnels is a severe problem arises due to various reasons but once occur, can block the way […]