Fire Detection Inside Tunnels

Distributed Temperature Sensing Inside Tunnels

Tunnels in railway and road transportation (above and underground) have been continuously used to save time, move goods and vehicles to hard-to-reach areas. The development of inaccessible areas depends on smooth transportation inside tunnels.

Challenges Faced By Our Customers

Fire event inside tunnels is a severe problem arises due to various reasons but once occur, can block the way for traffic and even major accidents can happen. The goods and vehicles can be burned, flames and toxic smoke may trap persons inside tunnel even resulting in damage to life.

In order to take preventive action, it is important for concerned persons to know the position and fire event origin by temperature monitoring. Measurement of temperature i.e. Fire Detection inside tunnels is difficult to achieve with conventional sensors as numerous sensors would be needed which is costlier solution.

Our State Of Art Solution To Customers

Our developed DTS (distributed temperature sensor) system enables precise location of fire event and also heat detection by laying fiber cables along few kilometers length of tunnel. The metallic sheath guards the fiber inside cable and

ensures non-stop measurement of temperature through passive fiber optics. It can be used in above or underground tunnels applications.

A fiber optic cable can be installed linearly along surface of tunnel and can provide thousands of measurement points at 1 meter resolution. This means every single meter reading will provide data of heat inside tunnels.

Customer Benefits

  • Sensor cables do not require electricity to operate.
  • DTS fire detection system requires almost no maintenance.
  • For a safe operation, DTS system is situated at a remote location and fiber cables are installed across the inner sides of the tunnels.
  • Temperatures inside tunnels can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Precise and accurate measurements.
  • One can quickly detect the location of fire event and can alter any big incidents of fire event.