Structural health monitoring

Structural Condition or Health Monitoring

Structural condition or health monitoring has been the main objective for ensuring the durability and safety of large structures such as dams, bridges, tunnels, buildings etc. It is becoming an equally important objective for end-users, engineers and maintenance people.

Challenges Faced By Our Customers

Corrosion, deterioration and functional deficiency of existing infrastructure over a period of time create challenges for the maintenance engineers. In the current scenario, engineers have been using large quantities of sensors for continuous monitoring of big structures. With the use of different cables and acquisition systems for various sensors, the monitoring system becomes complex and costly.

Our State Of Art Solution To Customers

We provide an indigenously developed solution, a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor for structural health monitoring of large buildings like dams and bridges for customized lengths by laying a single FBG sensor cable enabling temperature/strain measurement at different points.

FBG sensor solution for structural health monitoring can measure in harsh environments and are robust, light-weight & chemically inert. FBG sensors can replace traditional sensors where solution requires long operation, remote acquisition and less sensor cable count.