Switchgear Hotspot Temperature Monitoring

Switchgear Temperature Monitoring

Electrical switchgear refers to a combination of circuit breakers, fuses and switches (circuit protection devices) that function to protect, control and isolate electrical equipment. The circuit protection devices are mounted in metal structures. They are one of the most important electrical devices in Power Plants and distributing stations, preventing short circuits and system overload.

Challenges Faced By Our Customers

The moving and fixed contacts and bus bar joints of the switchgear are always under high voltage stress. Because of oxidation, corrosion, loosening and aging, the surface resistance at contact points and joints increases, the temperature rises at contact points and joints and leads to overheating. Thus, this affects the insulation and shortens the equipment’s operational lifespan.

Our State Of Art Solution To Customers

FluoroSenz Temperature Monitoring System conducts real-time monitoring to accurately measure temperature at switchgear contact points and cable joints, which makes ideal maintenance at unmanned substations.

The size of the temperature measuring Fiber optic cable is really small, so it can be installed on the measuring point to achieve high measurement accuracy and high response frequency. It can be used in harsh environments such as high pressure, high temperature and strong electromagnetism.

Customer Benefits

  • Predictive maintenance; Proactive maintenance system alerts by alarms to prevent potential problems before occurrence.
  • Accurate temperature readings and probes detect unseen temperatures beyond the surface area.
  • Low-cost monitoring, Avoid potential hazards and accidents.